Erotica … with a Measure of Sexual Psychology

I have always written, even as a child.

For many years my mother kept some of my earliest stories and poems in an old-fashioned chocolate box. The type with a scene of an idyllic English thatched cottage on the lid. My efforts were muddled up with newspaper cuttings and other bits and pieces. I have never been able to work out exactly why she kept any of it. The newspaper cuttings all seemed so random, while my primary school verse could only be described as painful.

Really though, I blame my father! He was a wonderful storyteller, especially when it came to our family’s past. As a child I would regularly demand a story before bedtime and he would settle back and tell me of his own poverty stricken childhood in a north-eastern mining town, and of the financial and social struggles which went back a further three generations of Irish Catholics. Many, many years later I realised they were stories that needed to be written down.

And so I began tapping away at my computer. Not for public consumption. My thoughts were generally ramblings to ensure that at sometime in the future, my descendents—should they ever be interested—would have access to their roots. And that led to the germ of an idea for a novel.

As these things are wont to do, by sheer chance I met Nichola of the NZ Writers College. She suggested a mentor, Ginny Swart. It was Ginny who, having read my work, suggested I should look at writing erotica, and so here we are.!

Choices began as an erotic idea. A vague mishmash of fantasy and fiction. Take a girl. Give her a solid family background and a respectable career. She is, of course, intelligent and confident—a woman of today. Add a measure of debt. Nothing too serious. A credit card or two, the usual store cards. Perhaps even a personal loan.  She could be your best friend. She might be your sister. Throw into the mix the insidious global financial crisis and the ever-increasing cost of living, and watch her world come tumbling down.  Then offer the solution, sex for payment. Would she or wouldn’t she?

I love writing and reading erotica, especially if it involves a measure of sexual psychology, the delicious underbelly that takes the act of sex to the next level. In fact Choices was such fun to write that the moment I had finished the manuscript I sat down and started the prequel, Secrets.