Book three of the Luxuria Trilogy taking shape…

I had no idea that leaving the outcome of Anna’s final decision in Choices to the reader’s imagination would create such a demand for closure.  Even my publisher was surprised when those who reviewed the book, as well as others who took the trouble to comment on their blogs, used words such as ‘cliff-hanger’.

It was never my intention to continue Anna’s story when I devised the idea for the Luxuria Trilogy.  Rather, I planned each subsequent book to go back in time and offer insights to the behaviour of a character that appeared in the previous novel.  Thus the second book, Secrets, opens some twenty years earlier, and centres on the precocious sexual activities of a young Stephanie, the character who would later become the owner of the high-end escort agency that features so predominately in Choices.

By the time I had completed this novel it was obvious that the third and final book in the series would have to return to Anna after all, and respond to the burning question of exactly what she did in the aftermath of Choices.  Or to be more specific, which of the two men did she choose?

Forced to set aside the half completed manuscript that was my original proposal for the third book, I am now working feverishly on the new project.  Exactly what did Anna do?  Did she opt for the loving and gentle Jake?  Did they settle down in matrimonial bliss and fidelity?  Or did she choose the more demanding Adam and a life of luxury – and BDSM.

Two very different men, each offering something so very different.

If you are one of those dying to know, and can wait just a little longer, I promise the third book will reveal all!