Desires, the third book in the Luxuria trilogy is now with the publisher, and will be available early in 2014. Anna has made her decision, and this book follows her journey, and to some extent that of Stephanie. Of course, life is never predicable, and just when both women think things are running reasonably smoothly, up pops the unexpected!

One of the most enjoyable aspects to this series was to allow a voice to some of the men who shared Anna’s stage by paying for her services as an escort – and I’m sure there are many more scenarios than I have touched upon. Further, and as one reader pointed out, what about the women who pay for the services of a male escort? Shouldn’t they too have a voice? Perhaps therein lies another tale!

Meanwhile I am happily creating my fourth novel. Working title Forsaking All Others, the plot revolves around the emotional wreckage of an affair, and what follows as Remy and Jonathon try to come to terms with the fallout. Needless to say Remy is a strong personality, as are most of my female characters. But then Jonathon is no pushover either! And so the solution may not always be the obvious one.

I am happy to hold my hand up and say my plots do not always offer happy ever after endings. But when does life do exactly that? I once commented that even as my hero and heroine rode off into the sunset they would be heard arguing as to who was reading the map correctly!

Though perhaps this novel will be different…