Perfect Stranger

perfect_stranger“Perfect Stranger,” ($.99, ISBN: 978-1-60381-237-5) is the first Novella-Length Kindle Single in a new series by Galia Ryan: Stories of Love, Risk, and Fate. Ryan is the author of the Luxuria Trilogy: Choices, Secrets, and Desires. Fanny Press will be publishing several of Ryan’s novellas as Kindle Singles. After all the novellas are available separately online, they will also be published in a trade paperback anthology. Coming June 15th: “Forsaking All Others.”

**Available only on Kindle. Click the Cover Image to order **

Cassie Jonsson is the only female law enforcement officer in the sheriff’s department. That means the cases that get dumped on her are the ones no one else wants.  Such as investigating mysterious happenings in a long-abandoned homestead. Believing the intruders to be kids rather than ghosts, Cassie is unprepared for the holdall and sleeping bag hidden in the attic. She is even less prepared for the confrontation with an intriguing stranger. A man with the power to turn her life upside down.

Convent-educated from the age of four, Galia Ryan was brought up not to question. Perhaps because of this, she has always been fascinated by all things esoteric and “outside the square.” Originally from Sussex, England, and now living in New Zealand with her soul-mate husband and grown-up family, Galia tries to find time between her passions for writing and reading and for her other love—travel. There is always a growing list of must-see places.

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