New look for Perfect Stranger!

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Perfect Stranger is being relaunched as The Outsider in August! Look out for new cover image!

Cassie Jonsson is a pretty blonde police officer in the small town of Winslow. She has never traveled and given up on love, settling for an affair with a married co-worker. As the only woman on the force, she is often given the odd jobs, in this case checking out an old house the locals believe is haunted.

The McAllister house is indeed haunted, but not by a ghost. Prophet is a living, breathing, ruggedly handsome former vet, a drifter whose life is in limbo. He awakens something primal in Cassie, a boundless desire that blinds her to the dangers both psychological and physical of bedding a stranger, even one as beautiful as Prophet.

Behind Forsaking All Others


Forsaking All Others came about from a  conversation many years ago.  Not one I was part of, but one I overheard.  It concerned a woman who, having stolen and married another woman’s husband, had recently discovered he was having an affair.  Of course, this nugget of information was being shared with more than a certain amount of glee!

And that got me thinking.  How do you keep a man with a wandering eye from, well, wandering – if indeed you even wanted to remain attached to such a person?

Forsaking All Others is a light-hearted read about just that.  Scheming and plotting to keep not only her husband but her well-off lifestyle, Remy comes up with a plan that will, I hope, have you cheering from her corner – even though you’d much rather offer her one word: Karma!