Behind Forsaking All Others


Forsaking All Others came about from a  conversation many years ago.  Not one I was part of, but one I overheard.  It concerned a woman who, having stolen and married another woman’s husband, had recently discovered he was having an affair.  Of course, this nugget of information was being shared with more than a certain amount of glee!

And that got me thinking.  How do you keep a man with a wandering eye from, well, wandering – if indeed you even wanted to remain attached to such a person?

Forsaking All Others is a light-hearted read about just that.  Scheming and plotting to keep not only her husband but her well-off lifestyle, Remy comes up with a plan that will, I hope, have you cheering from her corner – even though you’d much rather offer her one word: Karma!

Delicious nibbles of erotica!

Or should that be the entree before the main course!  Either way I’m enjoying writing them. At around twenty-thousand words, or sixty to seventy pages, short stories can be read in one evening – or so I’m told by someone who admitted they couldn’t put Perfect Stranger down.

Perhaps even more fun, they allow me to play on the periphery of other genres, bringing hot sex scenes to what might be described more as a thriller in Perfect Stranger.  Or chick lit, with Forsaking All Others (coming soon).  And then there’s historical drama in The House Of Ill Repute (available later in 2014).

There’s another reason for writing shorter stories.  Whilst I love the look and feel of a published novel – and even more, that longed for moment when you turn it over to read the back cover, and know you have to read this book – we are living increasingly busy lives.  We communicate in message-bites on Twitter and Facebook.  And use text rather than call.  So, rather than trying to find time at the end of a long day for a few more pages of a lengthy novel, we are downloading more short stories, and perhaps even experimenting with new genres and sampling new voices.

Exciting times to be an author!